Binding shop

Highly efficient binding processes enable us to organize the production in such a way so as to ensure the highest quality of binding and prompt completion of jobs.

Wire stitch binding:
Three lines for wire stitch binding: McCain and Miller Martini.

  • format from 75 x 152 mm to 298 x 483 mm;
  • block thickness up to 8 mm.

Modern line for perfect binding of brochures (KOLBUS), equipped with 20 stations with automatic control of collected sheets, guaranteeing high quality of production.

  • format from 160 x 172 mm to 192 x 304 mm;
  • block thickness of 2-80 mm;
  • cover with one or two flaps;
  • Hot-Melt glue.

Extra services:
We add extra operations to offset print, which enable us to provide comprehensive service, they include:
  • sticking advertising items (samples, stickers, labels);
  • affixing gadgets;
  • packaging and inserting items;
  • perforation;
  • punching;
  • cutting of sheets;
  • folding and die cutting;
  • banding and assembling;
  • bulk packaging in heat-shrinkable film, cardboard;
  • packaging of single items;
  • storage.