We have been in the printing business for over 66 years. And we are very proud of it.

The company was founded in 1946. Its office was located in Bydgoszcz, at ul. Dworcowa 13, in a building which before the war had housed a German printing house named Dittman. At that time, the main focus of our company was printing newspapers, including Trybuna Pomorska.

In 1974, work began on a new building, at ul. Wojska Polskiego. It was completed in 1988. The name of our company back then was Prasowe Zakłady Graficzne. We purchased advanced offset printing presses to enable us to offer sheet printing, and three heatset Harris presses with computer control for printing on web-fed paper. Apart from newspapers, our main products during that time were magazines, periodicals, books, as well as paperback and hardback textbooks.

A major stage in our company’s history was the privatisation in the year 2000, when it was transformed into a joint stock company, with the stocks being taken over by all Employees. In order to meet contemporary market requirements, our Company bought new printing presses, modern equipment for the design studio, and a secure IT system; and most of all we ensured that the competences of our employees were at the highest level. Improvements were made in the area of management, work organization, and the training system. Using our vast experience, we were able to provide high quality printing services and our position in the business was improving; we managed to attract some customers from abroad.

Our production offer has been modified over the past several years, due to both internal as well as external changes. We have now stopped printing daily papers to focus solely on catalogues, advertising materials, leaflets, folders, brochures, and books.

As our previous name no longer reflected our company’s profile, we decided in April 2003 to change the name to ORTIS. The new name comes from Latin and incorporates a whole range of positive associations – beginning, source, rising. All these meanings refer to building something new, bringing hope, and inspiring development. So, they are perfectly compatible with our objectives, strategy, and abilities.

Since July 2011 we have been operating from a site in Wroclaw, which is now our place of business.

Ortis is currently one of the best organized and largest printing companies in Poland, offering a comprehensive scope of services to domestic and foreign customers, from Germany, Denmark, Norway, Great Britain and France.